2016 – almost gone, but not forgotten

Is it only me, or do the years go by even quicker as you get older? 

2016 is a blur, as we expanded our area to include an Irlen Perth Clinic for our northern clients needing more frequent checkups, who were travelling down for holidays. It now means 12000km travel each year, but it is worth it when I see the difference in your child as they walk out of the appointment, knowing that there is something that can be done to help them – or as one child said, 

“At last there is someone who understands what is happening to me every day.”

I know it is hard work to keep up the momentum to encourage their teachers to put the strategies in place, but that too is worth it – and get ready to repeat it all, first week of school next year, because that’s what it takes. Persistence and Perseverance. 

Don’t give up! 

Your child is your investment and worth every minute of time you spend, trying to get them the recognition they need, that they are bright kids – who learn differently!

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